Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Irelands Eye arrived into South Seas Resort at South Captiva yesterday at 11 am. The perfect family vacation resort with activities for all ages. Nana and Nandad washed and scrubbed I.E. so that she would look respectable among all the larger more modern boats. We missed Tigran's energy. There is a resident dolphin that swims around the boats and delights everybody when it comes up for air. There is also a family of very large Manatees that swims around ever so slowly. They are difficult to see due to the color of the water but worth the effort to watch out for due to their size. Afterwards Nana went to the beach of course and Nanadad continued his reading. At sunset there was a tradition of celebrating the Sunset. As most of you are aware Nana loves Sunset so off we went and participated. The ceremony involves throwing a Shell into the ocean at the exact moment the sun goes down and making a wish. Lots of little ones around which made Nana miss all those beautiful grand babies. Of course there is a flag for somebody to hold and naturally a conch to blow. 
March 22nd Nana and Nandad will play the nine hole short golf course in perfect sunshine- we will see. 
Another wonderful day. Of course Nandad was the winner of the golf! A lovely course perfect to practice you swing and putting. Nana was very proud that she did not loose a ball in the water- quite the accomplishment since we were surrounded by water. After golf Nana took the new fold up bike and biked into Sanibel across the blind pass- about 10 miles of simply wonderful homes,landscapes,and of course the ocean. The perfect award at Santiva General Store - the most delicious ice cream.
 Tomorrow Thursday Irelands Eye will head to City of Fort Meyers Marina beginning the journey up the river 


  1. Just catching up on all these adventures -- ❤️❤️ It looks amazing, so do you guys!

  2. Gleeson powers is Aideen! I have no idea why it's showing up like that!