Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Today is the day that Nana hit exhaustion but IE made it to Southport NC. While gathering our thoughts and preparing dinner last night at Swansboro, Nana saw very bright lights coming towards IE stern. Now keep in mind we are tied up at the dock. So Nana thought she should go and assist - like a good boater would do. However it turned out that the big boat coming towards IE was the Coast Guard so of course they did not need assistance. In fact they gave us assistance in the morning when we wanted to leave early to catch the opening of the Onslow bridge. Today IE came through four bridges. The ride today was the prettiest so far passing the New River Inlet, Topsail Island, Rich Inlet, Wrightsville and Carolina Beach. The Atlantic Ocean could be seen on our port side. The Dolphins dancing on our bow, the Pelicans playing on our wake, the snowy egrets gracefully appearing from nowhere in the marshes, and the blue herons perched high on the trees were truly a magnificent sight. Nana and Nandad are now in Southport Marina where IE will stay until December 1st. We will return to friends and family for Thanksgiving. No more blog until then. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Not a great picture but you can see the ICW from Norfolk all the way to Key West. The second picture is the Coast Guard boat behind IE. The third picture is a small example of the homes all along the canal.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Day 16 of our adventure and IE continues to go strong. Nana saw Dolphins today which was very cool. One was as we were leaving Beaufort NC and heading out into the Atlantic Ocean ( which by the way was a navigational error very quickly picked up by the Skipper) and the other was right across our bow as we were entering Swansboro NC. IE did another marathon day covering 100 miles. The journey through the rivers, canals, creeks and inlets was just picture perfect. As we passed Oriental NC Nana was able to view all those beautiful homes that she would read about in The Soundings. The waterfront homes along the shoreline with their attached docks are truly magnificent. IE passed the ICW MM 200 while doing 13 knots on the Adams Creek. Now the wonderful thing about being on the ICW is Nana baked delicious scones this morning for brunch ( with our early starts it gets confusing what meal we are eating) so Nandad was very happy. We are spending the evening at Swansboro which is a very pretty town all ready for the Christmas Stroll. The coast guard have just pulled in behind us so we are feeling very safe. Tomorrow IE will attempt to get to Southport where we will leave her until after Thanksgiving. I think we might catch up with the Pattons who have also been full steam ahead. The first picture is IE come Nguyen into Dowry Creek last night. The second picture is IE coming through the Bascule bridge in Beaufort NC

Monday, November 16, 2015


Nana and Nandad went down memory lane this morning as we went through our first lock at Great Bridge. In 1986 when our wonderful four children were 5,4,3 and 18 mths old we took a barge down the canal in Ireland for a week. We were crazy then and I guess still are - a little! A long day today from sunset to sundown covering a total of 123 ICW miles. A very gracious welcome at Upper Downy Marina which is close to Belhaven in NC. So now IE can add NC to her list. Moving along the cypress swamp on the Alligator Canal was quite the scene. Overtaking the tug boats in the middle of the canal challenged the Shipper but on the bridge he had full view. Nana found a new use for the fender line and was actually able to skip rope for a short while- certainly not doing that on the ocean ( Nandad took a picture from the camera on the bridge). The third picture shows IE approaching the fixed bridge Wilkerson Bridge heading into the Pungo River. The last photo shows IE approaching the lock at sunrise. Tomorrow we might reach Beaufort NC. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015


We have arrived. My wonderful grandchildren all know that Nana does not get up until after 7am. Well as you will see from this beautiful picture IE left Deltaville into the sunrise - which was 6.44am to be exact. Now what Nana figured out was that the seas are calmer then which makes for an easier ride. Celebrations tonite as we snuggle down at mile 8.8 on the ICW at Top Rack Marina. IE came through Norfolk VA at precisely 10.30am. Passing Swells Point where the piers of Naval Station Norfolk are known as "long grey line", I thought of my nephew Branden. Coming into the mouth of the Elizabeth River toward Mile Marker Zero of the ICW. Where is the champagne!!! Later the skipper said. After 6 hours we decided to pack it in for today. Our goal will be to get to Coinjock tomorrow  which means we will be in NC. We may even get a little further but will need adjusting to the bridges, locks and of course a slower speed. IE has visited RI,CT,NY,NJ,DE,MD,and VA. Nana has booked her flight for Saturday 21st and can't wait to catchup with her little ones. The first picture speaks for itself. The second picture is the Nauticus with the World War 11 battleship Wisconsin. Maybe on our way back we will visit.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Layday today at Deltaville Marina at Jackson Creek. The prettiest crescent moon last night after sunset with the perfect sky. The Stars were amazing due to the lack of artificial light. A cold but sunny day. Plan to wash down IE, take advantage of the free bikes and enjoy a day of rest! Early start tomorrow so we will reach the ICW which is very exciting. A cleaner looking skipper today! Donal will be happy to know we are taking great care of his boat. Today Nana discovered what those sticks are that are strategically placed all along the coast line. While visiting the wonderful Maritime Museum and park that has some terrific sculpture , Nana read all about Oyster tonging. I will attack a picture. We had the perfect lay day. 

Friday, November 13, 2015


Friday the 13th and Day 12 of The Journey. Well today the Skipper took a very big risk when we left Readville early to catch the two hour window of calm weather- Nana had made it very clear she would abandon ship if there was a repeat of yesterday. The risk paid off - NanDad is always right!!!! We arrived into Deltaville at 9.15 am in perfect time. This is a beautiful spot although a little unsettling coming into the creek with the beach within 10 yards of the boat. Took another 160 gals of diesel - IE is a thirsty girl! A very friendly stopover with the use of a courtesy car- no we did not forget how to drive! The photo will show the skipper doing what little boys love to do - play with dirt. The other will show a whole new idea for our Vespa's - don't forget to zoom in. Because today is the day to tease the Skipper while stocking up at the local grocery store he thought he would be a step ahead of Nana and decided to buy all the water and put in the courtesy car. When we got back to the Marina there was no water to be found. Oh boy somebody is in for a surprise. If we had not already won the pot trophy ( BWSC) that's one for Wally. Tomorrow we may try to get to the ICW- we will see.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Everyday is the beginning of a new journey. Enjoy the ride and boy did we enjoy the ride today! The forecast was quite accurate and if the intention was to see how IE and Nana would handle the conditions then the Skipper must be very pleased. The short video attached will give you a good idea! Leaving Solomons Island early we arrived into Readville about 41nm at 1pm. IE had to slow down for the last three hours due to a complication with the dingy. No more will be said. Now we are tucked into a very secluded area where they have a large fishing industry and omega oil factory. Very poor reception so not sure if the log will get posted. Naturally the water is now like a lake. We are in Cockrill Creek VA and only 55nm from the entrance to the ICW. The restaurant is called Leadbellies where they serve liver and onions and frogs legs. I opted for the bean soup and purchased the most delicious pound cake made by the chief and right out of oven. Boy did Nana enjoy her tea that night!  Unable to send the video so this might give you an idea!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Nana had a very creative day today. The chart that you will see after the blog has a dime on each port that IE docked. This is so Emma and Tigran can have an idea of where we went- and the adults also!A lovely trip to the Solomons Island today. A slip at the SIYC followed by a personal invite to their crab cake dinner by their vice commadore John Simpson. A truly charming island that we walked in a half hour. Five years ago I put the Solomons Island in my scrap book for our eventual trip to the ICW and here we are. We will aim for Gwynn's Island tomorrow. The picture on the bottom is IE leaving Annapolis with a Catamaran riding our wake. Annapolis is a lovely town and we had the perfect breakfast at the Iron Rooster. I think we might rendevous with Sue & Dave Patton in Norfolk on Friday ( BWSC) - weather and seas permitting. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A very rainy and partial foggy day but we arrived onto Annapolis at around 1pm. Much concentration was needed to track the buoys despite charts, iPads, iPhones and of course GPS. Depite the fog , the foliage was beautiful and Nana spotted a lovely horse farm and winery right at the edge of the Elk Neck and Bohemia River. Arriving into Annapolis in the fog meant we could barely see the Chesapeake Bay bridge and after fueling we had a little confusion regarding our slip but the Skipper made a swift adjustment and IE accommodated nicely! Not sure what tomorrow will bring. The weather may indicate a lay day so It would be nice if the rain stopped.

Monday, November 9, 2015


A very successful full day coming through first the canal at Cape May, then up the Delaware Bay and into the C&D Canal. A total of approximately 58 NM in about five hours. IE handled it extremely well and Nana had breakfast, practiced her chorus songs and kept an eye at all times on navigation. Lots of Tug Boats, working vessels, and barges along the way. The skipper was very busy concentrating. We are now safely tied up at the town dock in Chesapeake City which is an adorable little place. Our plan is to head to Annapolis tomorrow. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Lay day at Cape May on a beautiful chilly sunny day. Congress Hall provided the perfect log fire that invited us to take a seat and have a cocktail. Aedan was intrigued with the Comfort Station along the promenade. Naturally being Sunday we went to Our Lady Star of the Sea for Mass- which was standing room only and of course we had to light a candle for all the family's.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


We are now on Day 6 and arrived into Cape May Harbor after another choppy ride. Nana was smarter this time. She wrapped up and with life jacket on and remained outside in the cockpit for the ride! The shipper took the helm down below. The entrance into Utsch's Marina is extremely narrow. Pulling into the diesel dock was quite the challenge as was into the slip. I think the Skipper passed his driving test today- great job. We have done a total of 252 NM so far. That equates to approximately 24 hours on the ocean going an average of ten knots. The skipper saw Dolphins on our way in and lots of migratory birds with terns occasionally making their bomb dive for food. Another lay day expected tomorrow due to high winds. Picture of the Delaware Bay which will be our next adventure and the key for the head and laundry ( I think we should make one like this for the Newport parking pass! ).
A very relaxed and relieved Skipper.

Friday, November 6, 2015


Early morning departure in the fog! Nana was not cooking onboard, doing her yoga or singing her songs. She was very busy sticking her head out the window watching the horizon, listening to the fog horn and all senses on high alert. The skipper was steering from the bridge keeping a very close eye on the radar. We communicated by radio traveling at about 8 knots due to the fog which means IE was bobbing like a cork😟Arrived into Brigidine Rum Pt right beside Atlantic city, dropped the ancor in the most peaceful spot. Nana promptly took a very long nap and now is feeling so much better.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Lay day on beautiful Barnegat Inlet. Engine repaired and planning to reach Athlantic City early tomorrow as weather winds will be picking up and Nana wishes to remain onboard😄

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Well as all boaters will know there must always be a plan B. After leaving Liberty Landing very early and hugging the beautiful coast of New Jersey the starboard engine alarm went off and the temperature light started to flash. Luckily we were about two miles from the Barnegat Inslet so a phone call to the Marina at Barnegat Light secured a mechanic. Again as boaters will appreciate a bigger problem than anticipated so we are here for the night ( hopefully). What contrast to the city. One side is the ocean surf and the other side the fishermen's marina. A wonderful place to bike, walk and force the skipper to relax😉

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


We have arrived in NYC where it is 66 degrees! So it seems a little out of season but needless to say we are not complaining. IE is on a slip at Liberty Landing which is on the New Jersey side. We are looking across at the glistening lights of the city and listening to the many sounds that only the city produces. We travelled a total of 65 NM today and I had a wonderful view from the bridge of IE. The skipper had his first full diesel experience so Donal we now know exactly how the owners of power boats feel! Give all those granbabies a great big hug and a kiss from Nana and Nandad😘
Tomorrow we plan to aim for Atlantic City - we will see.

Monday, November 2, 2015


IE left Newport at 6.30am with calm seas and a very pleasant arrival at Milford CT at 14.45. We survived our first long day covering 80nm. It was like being on a mini fast ferry!I wanted to pop into BI but the Captain said No Way. Great dinner with Donal & Bridget and now ready for a nice long sleep.