Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 Jan22

Nana and Nandad are now resting on the Catalina 36 at Southwest Florida Yachts which is at Tarpon Point Marina Cape Coral Fl. After three days cruising San Carlos Bay, Pine Island Sound, and Charlotte Hbr the seas are big and the winds are strong so we are at the Marina enjoying the amenities of the Westin. Again not bad.
Jan 19th Nana and Nandad heading out from Glover Blight into the Okeechobee waterway, along miserable mile into San Carlos Bay which is part of the ICW and anchored at Darling National Wildlie Refuge which is on Sanibel Island. 
Jan 20th Leaving Sanibel and heading into Pine Island Sound Nana and Nandad listened to the inauguration of our new President Trump. Anchored at North Captiva for lunch and then attempted to cross Captiva Pass which was not so smart- do not follow our lead.Nandad being the best Captain ever brought us through even though at one point we were three feet with a sand bank right on our starboard - the good part is we made it and finally attempted to sail on the Gulf of Mexico. Coming through Boca Grande Pass was well marked and we anchored off Punta Blanco Island off Cayo Costa.
Jan 21st after another amazing sunset dinner with incredible night sky and such palpable peace Nana woke to catch the sunrise which was spectacular in more ways than one can describe. After yoga, reading and a terrific breakfast we were ready for what turned out to be a wonderful sail in Charlotte Hbr. After we headed down towards Useppa Island , Cabbage Bay and back into Tarpon Marina passing the very creative Jasper's Bait shop floating in the river cove. Very creative 
Today Jan 22 we are having a layday listening to 20 knots plus of wind and expecting some very heavy rain with possible higher winds. That is when it's nice to be cosy in the Marina. Heading back home tomorrow after two very interesting weeks that took on twists and turns Nana and Nandad would never have expected. But again is that not what boating is all about, the first picture is Sunset at Boca Grande. The second gives you an idea of where we were , the third is the miserable mile on the Caloosahatchee River where all boats slow down so there is literally a traffic jam and the last picture is the bait shop on the floating dock- an innovative idea for Newport. No more blog until I.E. is ready to go again which we hope will be no later that end of February fair winds and safe seas to all. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 Jan18th

Nana and Nandad have continued their journey by land until I.E. has engine repaired. After three days at the Pink Shell Marina on Fort Meyers beach we are ready to return to the water. This marina is the perfect place to switch off and enjoy the facilities with morning walks along the beach and evening walks into the sunset. Not bad. Pools, ocean, yoga, massage, excellent food all have helped to relax a very stressed shipper and first mate.
Nana and Nandad have decided to explore this wonderful southwest coast line by chartering a 36 Catilina for the next four nights. We will return to snowy New England on Monday Jan 23. The first picture is Nandad preparing I.E. for the ultimate removal of the salon area to accommodate removal of engine. The second picture is the perfect sunset from our room at the Pink Shell Marina Resort. 
The third picture is the wonderful sand castle sculptures that are on the beach daily. The last picture is the resort , the perfect place to entertain the grandchildren. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 Jan14

Well Friday the 13th turned out to not be such a lucky day for Nana and Nandad. After rebuilding and installing the parts I.E. went on a ride out into the ICW to test the engines. Unfortunately the starboard engine shut down after reaching 14 knots which was not good. Today Saturday after some diagnostic work with one of the pistons it turns out that the engine will need to be taken out and a new piston put in place- not a good outcome. So I guess crossing the Okeechobee will not be in the cards for at least the next 4 to 6 weeks!
Nana and Nandad will spend the next few days preparing I.E. for what is to be a major project. They will make the best of the situation and possibly head to Fort Meyers by car and get the scoop for the next adventure. If we are lucky I.E. will be back in operation by the end of February which will give us time for a shorter trip to the west coast. Sad that we will once again miss an opportunity to cruise with The Patton's but perhaps a rendezvous sometime in March who knows where. The first picture is at Peter & Janes gated community at Solivita Poinciana. The second picture is what looks like a beautiful engine which unfortunately has to come out!!!The third picture is sunset at Indialantic beach just about three miles from the marina. The last picture is I.E. coming into the Eau Gallie river after her sea trial- which she failed!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 Jan10th

Returned to Irelands Eye to continue our 2017 adventures. Lots of work being done while Nana and Nandad were enjoying Christmas and the New Year with family and friends. The first of the 2016 boys celebrated his first birthday just before we left. How time moves on. Leaving Providence in the early morning hours with freezing temperatures and arriving into Orlando where it's in the 70's is very pleasant. Lots of work done by Tim and Captain Mike but frustrating day to learn that a part for the Volvo engine is on back order. We are forced to accept that I.E. will remain for now at Eau Gallie. Maybe this is finally our chance to take in the scenery and enjoy. Great lunch at Chefs Marios Cafe and dinner at the unusual Squid Lips. 

Jan 11th. Car ride to see Peter and Jane at Solivita in Poncitana About 90 minutes away. Nice to have friends to visit . A beautiful home surrounded by well maintained mature grounds with the occasional gator drying itself along the lake shore. Lots of activities to keep you busy with swimming, golf, tennis etc and great lunch at the grille. Nana and Nandad returned to I.E. feeling more relaxed.

Jan 12th Layday at Eau Gallie. Wonderful walk across the causeway and stroll along the beautiful stretch of beach. A surprise at lunchtime meant that  Nandad was sent to Fort Lauderdale to pick up some essential pieces for the part that somehow appeared at the boatyard today. Just another reminder that when it comes to boating you never can tell. The picture is Squid Lips back patio.