Friday, December 9, 2016


The chart will give you an idea of where Irelands Eye is docked. You can see the Indian River and the Banana River and then there is the ocean. Cape Canaveral is a little further north. Lots of causeways and bridges which made for a very interesting drive this afternoon. If you look carefully at the picture below you will see the nose of Irelands Eye sticking out. Lots of sail boats here and some that have probably decided to stay. During the day you can watch fishermen throwing their nets into the water and scooping up the fish. Nana went to the perfect Yoga class last night so my muscles are all nice and warm and stretched. Nandad had dinner ready with a bottle of wine- not bad. The evenings have been wonderful to watch the moon and stars so bright Venus and Mars I do believe with the ORion constellation . Mother Nature at her best. Nana and Nandad will return to Franklin tomorrow and hope to return to IE in the new year with a whole new adventure ahead. Merry Christmas to all and a happy New Year.

Lay day yesterday was the perfect R&R day. The EauGallie Yacht Basin on the river is just the most wonderful setting and just screams at you to read a good book. Lots of activity between planning for the boat to stay for a month, engine repairs , ordering parts, and of course always laundry and preparing to head back to Franklin.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Arrived at Eau Gallie Yacht Basin near Melbourne after leaving NEW Symnra Beach in the fog. Today was the day we actually were successful in capturing the dolphin on video and we were able to take a snap shot of its fin. Today was also the day to watch Manatee cruising right in the ICW channel. At first you think they are dolphin but then you realize they don't have a fin and the move a lot slower with no blowing. There were quite the few sailboats in trouble along the way. If you look slowly and closer you will see the mast beside the marker that is a sailboat . After following the Chesapeake Lady a 49 DEFever all the way to Cocoa we took the lead as our goal was to get a little further. Naturally things started to go a little weird when the starboard engine started to act up. So now we are at Eau Gaille Yacht Basin and will have a mechanic take a look in the morning. On our way home after a lovely dinner Aedan spotted this sign which of course he loved. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I.E arrived into New Smyrna Beach Marina after heavy rains, thunder and lightening with reduced visibility so we were glad to see our new neighbor!very thankful for steering down below where we remained nice and dry. The photo of the Beach is after Nana walked about four miles and then had to walk back again over the south causeway. The things we do for exercise. I think she might have been tempted to borrow a bicycle if one had been around! Two miles of Beach was well worth it! We remain on target for final destination on Thursday Stuart. 

Monday, December 5, 2016


What a perfect day again today. Temperatures in the 80's a wonderful stroll down St Augustine after lunch at the Hurricane Hole , reading on the bridge while the engine filters etc get replaced. Now in case you think it was all fun and relaxation Nana had dinner prepared before 8.30 am, laundry in by 10 am folded and dried by 11.30am- what production! We left Rivers Edge at 1.30 and headed down towards the Matanza River. It is a little difficult to see but if you look closely you see the snowy egrets right at the edge of the house. Also while I.E. cruises along you can see how close the sand bank is on our starboard side . Also if you look even closer you might see the palm tree that has almost fallen right into the ICW. A lot of damage along this way both with trees, docks and debris. I.E. docked at Palm Coast Marina and had a wonderful dinner at the La Pizza Cuisine In the European Village- so much for having dinner prepared.!

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Leaving Amelia Island Yacht Basin on a warm sunny day you will notice the group of white Pelicans perched on the shallow spot which is just about a hundred yards from the boat,the second picture is the group of motor boats that were our flotilla today as we travelled all the way to St Augustine It is nice to share the ride. We will have some maintenance service done tomorrow and hopefully get on our way for Hammock Beach then Titusville. We would like to be in Stewart by Thursday so we can arrange for haulout etc while back home for Christmas. Then hopefully back on board early January to cross the Okeechobee and tour the west coast up to possibly Tampa. Like much of boating the best of plans always seem to change. Declan and Donal would be very impressed with my creative use of the steps today - they made for the perfect step aerobic class! right at the stern with a wonderful breeze and view of the ICW. Keeping fit anyway we can.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


I.E. arrives at Amelia Island Yacht Basin. It is a little difficult to see but that is a bald eagle perched on the pole in the middle of the rushes on the ICW with the paper mills in Brunswick in the background. After a perfect day with the engines operating beautifully I.E. is docked at the perfect spot to watch yet another perfect sunset. Crossing Jekyll Sound seemed a little confusing but with a quick correction we were on our way. Fernandina Harbor Marina was our first encounter of the direct damage Hurricane Matthew has caused. The Marina is totally closed.


Layday at Brunswick Landing

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Return to Irelands Eye

Nana and Nandad have returned to Irelands Eye to continue our journey. The plan is to leave Brnswick landing heading for Stuart and then hopefully across the Okeechobee and cruise the west coast towards Tampa Bay in the New Year. Lots of scrubbing and cleaning to be done, new dodger to be fitted, outboard and dingy to be operational and we are on out way. Photo is the proud shipper after cleaning the dinghy. Reward after several hours of cleaning is a well deserved dingy ride.