Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 Mar14th

Nana and Nandad have returned to I.E. Nandad arrived Monday 6th to Eau Gallie to make sure that I.E. is ready for Nana and Tigran.
March 8th Nana and Tigran arrive ready for a few days of adventure. Tigran is our five year old grandson and ready for his first big adventure on I.E. Nandad meets us at the airport in a mini van which Tigran thinks is just amazing - so much room. Once onboard he quickly decides that his bunk will be the top one which means that when Daddy comes he will have to sleep on the bottom!
After a few days of fun activities we arrive into Stuart where we meet up with Tigran's dad. What incredible energy little children have and how they really make us look at life differently. Also how exhausted we adults become just concentrating on keep them occupied. No time for blogging while that was going on?
March 13th Tigran & Michael return to Massachusetts to another snow storm! Nana and Nandad head down the St Lucie Canal to River Forest Marina for yet some more engine repairs. This time it turns out to be a clogged filter and worn gasket. We are discovering that I.E. seems to like the attention of mechanics and engineers- oh boy are we in trouble!
March 14th Leaving River Forest Marina and heading along the St Lucie Canal we discover that the swing bridge at Indiantown is not operating but after an hour of pottering around we are lucky and make it through. I.E. is now at Indiantown Marina and the plan is to cross Lake Okeechobee tomorrow and make it to Fort Meyers Beach to eventually meet up with Dave & Sue. We saw our first gator right here in the marina floating around appearing to mind its own business- would not like to be on a SUB here! Photos will have to follow later- technical problems!

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