Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Nana and Nandad have crossed Lake Okeechobee and I.E. is now at a very noisy town dockage at La Belle OCWW Mile 103. Lake Okeechobee is the second largest fresh water lake in the US after Lake Michigan. We entered at Port Mayaca lock and crossed along Route 1 which is the Open Water Route. It took about two hours and the water is the color of dark chocolate!  Passing through leaving Clewiston lock to port we head for Moore Haven lock which is open so I.E. goes right through. The canal along this route is really very pretty with lots of reed grass, bamboo and water lettuce for the snowy egrets to play. The cruise down the Caloosahatchee canal- try pronouncing that one- took longer than expected so once we went through the Ortona Lock we decided to call it a day. Nana had fun for a short step aerobic session listening to 70's rock on her ear phones! It's fun to step it out with the breeze of the canal and knowing that nobody else can hear your music! Nandad was entertained listening to Nanas voice singing along! Oh the things we do for distractions . 
Tomorrow we hope to finally make it to Fort Meyers where IE will explore the west coast for a few days before heading back home. Winter storage will be at River Forest Marina where I.E. will be taken care of from April to Nov.

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